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Erin & Andrew chose “The Love Package Plus”

Morgan & Kyle chose “The Love Package”

Lara & Buddy chose the “Simply Elegant Plus” package

Atlantic Wedding Video of Fredericksburg Virginia is a high-end video company that specializes in wedding films. We focus on elegance and intimacy, capturing each wedding with a unique approach. We’re based in Fredericksburg, VA and we serve the greater Washington, DC and Richmond, VA area.

WeddingWire Winner 2017                 VAWE Award Winner - Best Videographer 2014

We absolutely loved working with Atlantic Wedding Video!! Mats was wonderful and an absolute pleasure to work with!!! He makes sure every project he does is PERFECT!


Mats does amazing professional work. He makes everyone feel very comfortable with his super personality! He did my sons wedding this fall and we could not be more happy with the video. We will be able to look back on this day for a lifetime! Thank you for creating such wonderful memories for our family!


As soon as I met Mats I knew he was the perfect choice to immortalize my wedding day. He is warm and made me comfortable right off the bat which is so important for someone who will be shadowing you all day. But his work?! Where should I begin? He is such an artist. The angles he captures and all the details he picks up that help you relive your wedding day is beyond comparision. He films with a drone as well which gives your video so much more drama. And if that isn’t enough, he picks music that you and your significant other love and that completes the work of art. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. I am so happy with our end products – Mats even made a Blue Ray copy for us. I recommend Atlantic Wedding Video to anyone who wants to EXPERIENCE their wedding day over every time they watch their DVD. We love you Mats, molti grazi!


Puppy Love

  • 2 HD camera, 1 camera operator
  • Up to 90 minutes of event coverage
  • 1 DVD
  • Finished edit 3-5 minutes Cinematic Highlight
  • Package upgrade available (see details below)

Simply Elegant

  • 3 HD cameras, 2 camera operators at ceremony
  • 2 HD camera, 1 camera operator at reception
  • Up to 5 hours of event coverage
  • 2 DVDs & Blu-ray
  • Finished edit 3-5 minutes Cinematic Highlight & 15 minutes Wedding Film
  • Package upgrade available (see details below)

The Love Package

  • 3 cameras, 3 operators at ceremony
  • 2 cameras, 2 operators at reception
  • Up to 7 hours of event coverage
  • Finished edit 5-10 minutes Cinematic Highlight & 20 minutes Wedding Film
  • 3 DVDs, Blu-ray & Dropbox delivery
  • Package upgrade available (see details below)

The Royal Love Package

3 cameras, 3 operators at ceremony
2 cameras, 2 operators at reception
Up to 10 hrs of event coverage
Highlight video
5 DVDs and Dropbox delivery


The Royal Love Package Plus

Add 1 camera and 1 operator at reception, 2 more hours of coverage, love story video for $500.
($1,875.00 value, save $1,375.00)


The Rolls Royce

4 HD cameras, 3 operators at ceremony
3 HD cameras, 3 operators at reception
Up to 12 hrs of event coverage
Highlight video
Love story video
Aerial imagery with dedicated operator
Same-day editing (ceremony video available within 2 hours)
5 Blu-Ray DVDs and Dropbox delivery


Add-ons / A-la-carte Options

Aerial Imagery (available crew operates)

Dedicated Aerial Operator (up to 1.5 hours)

Full Ceremony

Extra camera, no operator (per hour)

Extra camera operator (per hour)

Extra coverage (camera and operator, per hour)

Extra operator with camera, full day (8 hrs)

Extra operator with camera, half day (4 hrs)

Highlight Video
Licensed music and cut to one song
$575.00 – $775.00

Love Story Video
Approximately 5–8 minutes, filmed and edited, with music.
Also makes a great announcement video.
$675.00 – 995.00

Same-day editing of ceremony
Available by the end of dinner

Dropbox delivery

Extra DVD

Extra Blu-Ray DVD

Raw video footage (not color corrected)

For more information, package customization or to book your wedding videographer, contact us by phone or email through the link below. We look forward to making your event wonderful!

Contact Us

Contact Us

We’d love to hear about your upcoming event! Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your wedding video and any other imaging questions you may have!

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Atlantic Wedding Video

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you approach filming my wedding day? Each client and wedding is unique so we always like to work on a client to client basis. After consulting with you we can then decide on what the best approach will be, taking into consideration your style and personality.

How are you different from other wedding videography companies? First of all we believe that audio is very important!  We love using the vows, when the officiant says something profound or when there are speeches made during the reception to tell the story of your wedding. Another key component that we feel is very important is editing.  The editing plays just as important a part in your wedding film as the actual filming does. Shooting takes a lot of skill but using the footage and audio to tell the story of your wedding is a skill in and of itself.

I have a photographer.  Why hire a professional videographer, too? We personally feel that video captures the emotions, the sounds, the energy, the vibe, and the feel of your wedding day in a way that still photos just can’t.  

My friend is upset that her video was only 20 minutes long & didn’t even have the full ceremony. What do you include? Depending on what time frame you ask us to be at your wedding, your video would include your entire ceremony from start to finish and the full toasts, as well as any other moments that we know you would want to see. You’ll also want our most popular feature, which is a wedding highlights film with the best moments of your day set to music. If you choose other features such as a Save the Date video, Love Story video, Same Day Edit video and Photo Slideshow, those would also be included.

What about a photo montage, video of the rehearsal or extra time? If you have any questions that are not covered on this page, or would like to add some optional items to your packages, check out our a la carte menu for more options.

What is the difference between a wedding highlights video and a wedding film? Although you’ll certainly watch your entire wedding video over the years, chances are you’ll watch your wedding film or highlights video hundreds of times. A highlights video is made of clips from the best moments of your wedding day set to music. Wedding films are typically longer (about 15-20 minutes), include live audio of your vows, toasts, etc. as well as music in the background, and can either be sequential or not based on your preference. Many couples prefer wedding films because of their emotional impact.

Do you film all types of ceremonies? Yes! we love to film for different ceremonies, Greek, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Civil Partnerships etc..you name it we do it. We also film Baptism/Christenings. (Please enquire for details & prices)

What will I receive? All of our couples receive their wedding film on custom printed DVDs or Blu-ray and all of the finished digital files on a Atlantic Wedding Video branded USB/Flash drive or as a digital download.

How long is the video? Your wedding video is comprised of two main sections. First is your Highlight Reel, which is a 3-5 minute video that captures all of the highlights of the day. The Highlight Reel is perfect to show friends and family who want a glimpse into your day, without the time constraints of a feature-length video. The second segment is a thorough documentation of your day, featuring the entire ceremony, main reception events and dancing selections from the entire night! The video offers a complete photo-journalistic representation of your day that either can be enjoyed in a short amount of time or through a complete viewing experience!

Why do I receive a usb/flash drive with all of my finished digital files? DVDs, although great, do deteriorate and stop working over time. This is known as Disc rot. So receiving your finished files digitally on a USB/Flash Drive will allow you to copy the files to multiple computers, multiple hard drives and/or store them in the Cloud for safe keeping and future proofing. It’s important that once you receive your files to take the proper steps to backup and safeguard your investment. Also, to prolong the life of your DVDs you always want to keep them in their cases when not in use.

Do you have additional services like rehearsal coverage or raw footage? Off course we do! We have several additional products and add-ons you can add to your package. Click here to check them all out!

I already hired my wedding photographer. do you get along with other wedding vendors? Absolutely! In fact we have many, many friends in the wedding business who refer us to their own couples.

Why do you require a non-refundable retainer and contract for your wedding videography service? Very simply it shows us you are serious about hiring Atlantic Wedding Video and it also allows us to book and hold your date for only you.

Can we meet before the wedding? Of course, we would love to meet you before the wedding face to face, and actually appreciate it as it enables us to get to know you better and therefore do our job better.

Why can’t I use that song I heard on the radio? It all comes down to what is legal. Just like paying sales tax buying the license to music is so important to keep us legal and to keep us in good standing with music providers and Federal copyright laws. Buying a song from iTunes and using it as a music track for your wedding film is highly illegal and can come with very hefty fines and penalties. We have 4 online sources (The Music Bed, SongFreedom, Triple Scoop Music and Marmoset Music) where we license our music and they’re all awesome! The music is amazing and since we only use each song we license just once, the music chosen for your wedding film really becomes YOUR music. NOTE: All of the great films on this site use licensed music.

Can we choose our own music? We recommend that couples give us around 10 songs that they really love, that gives us plenty of music to play around with and use at our discretion, this way we are using music that you like, but does not hinder our artistic license.

Do you use bright lights? No. Our cameras have excellent optical chips, and lenses that can capture video as low as one lux. That is the same as shooting by candlelight. We use the optics of the camera to obtain the maximum quality video under the given conditions. In some rare occasions we use small, camera mounted lights to add to the ambient light, but only where permitted. Some locations such as churches, do not allow using any lighting at all. We are well versed in all the limitations of different locations, and in getting the best video captured by our professional video cameras.

Can I get the high-definition files of my wedding video? Yes! You will receive a keepsake USB drive with HD video files for each of the features in the package you choose (wedding highlights film, ceremony, toasts, etc.) We offer DVD or Blu-Ray delivery as well.

Do you give us the raw footage? We are happy to give you the raw footage, but we’re pretty sure that you aren’t going to want it. Giving you the raw footage is like a baker giving you the ingredients for your cake but not baking it. We promise to include every moment that would be important to you.

Can I purchase the raw, unedited original? Yes. This way you can have every shot that was taken on your day on a single hard drive or multiple DVD data discs.  This option comes with the raw footage, for an additional fee we can convert the files into mp4s, making them playable on any computer, even ipods/ipads.

What kind of equipment do you use? We use high definition digital video cameras, fluid-head tripods, & high end lapel microphones.

What if I like to have my guests interviewed. We can do that! You just let us know who you would like us to interview and we will make sure that we make that happen for you. We always suggest interviews for close family members and elders.

I will be very nervous before the wedding ceremony; do we really need to shoot the pre-ceremony footage of the bride getting ready? No. The pre-ceremony footage of the Bride and/or Groom getting ready is part of the package for people who wish to take advantage of it. This is included in the package at no extra charge, but it is totally up to you whether to use it or not.

Can my family and friends order DVDs? Of course! We offer two ways of your friends and family ordering your wedding DVD.  Either you can order all the DVDs for everyone (and we will offer a discount on the discs if 10 or more are ordered at one time) or we can place the DVDs up for sale on our site so your friends and family can order a disc themselves.

Will you use a tripod at our wedding? We use either hand held, glide cams, monopods or fluid head tripod mount as needed, depending on the locations conditions or restraints. The requirements of the Minister, Priest, Rabbi or Coordinator are all taken into consideration. We will work with your locations representative and figure out what works best for the cleanest, best image we can shoot.

How do I reserve my wedding date? We will send you a contract for your personalized package. We request 1/3 of your package’s price to reserve your date.

What is a Same Day Edit video? With a Same Day Edit, instead of waiting months to see your wedding video, you and your loved ones will get to experience your own private viewing of the best moments of your bridal prep, first look, photo session and wedding ceremony right at your reception. It’s your first glimpse at moments you weren’t there to see (the bride’s mom when she sees her daughter put on her dress, the flower girls galloping down the aisle while flinging rose petals). Plus any guests who couldn’t attend your wedding can watch your Same Day Edit video online the very next day.

Do you still film the reception while creating the Same Day Edit video? Yes.  After your ceremony, one videographer will edit the video while the other films your photo session and dinner. Your Same Day Edit video is typically ready to view during or immediately after dinner.

What is a Save the Date video? Save the Date Videos are a modern twist on the old postcards. We can create a slideshow of the two of you dating leading up to your engagement or we can do a video shoot of the two of you at the location of your proposal, where you met or where you had your first date.

What is a Love Story video? This is your chance to share the story of your romance, filmed at the locations of your choice.  We’ll ask you and your fiancé questions about how you met, what your first impressions of each other were, the first date, the proposal, and more.  Many couples play it for their guests to watch at the reception.

How long in advance should we book you? As soon as you have a confirmed secure date you can book us, we only take on a limited number of commissions every season to ensure great customer service, during the summer months we get numerous inquiries for the most popular dates. Most of our weddings are booked at least a year in advance.

How much is the deposit? We usually take payments as 1/3 of the total wedding cost as the first payment to secure the date as a non refundable deposit, the final payment is due 4 weeks prior to the wedding, or full payment is required if the wedding is less than 4 weeks away. We do not consider the date booked with us until the deposit is paid and a booking form signed.

I loved working with you! How can I help others find you? Thank you! We want to spread the word as much as you do. The best places to leave feedback are independent review sites like Yelp and Wedding Wire. We appreciate your kind feedback, as it helps give us continue to serve our happy couples for years to come!

How many cameras will the videographer use at my wedding? We believe the best way to capture a truly photo-journalistic wedding ceremony is with two to three video cameras. Using two angles, we can achieve better coverage, multiple shots and more audio signals for a superior final video that you’re sure to treasure forever!

Why do you use wireless microphones? In order to give your wedding the highest quality audio and video possible, we use a wireless microphone during the ceremony in order to perfectly capture your vows. This can be attached to either the bride or the groom. You can request not to use the wireless microphone, but keep in mind that this is the best way to capture your vows.

What happens if my videographer gets sick on my wedding day? For every wedding we shoot, we always have at least one certified lead videographer who are paid to be ready for any emergency. Our videographers are on a rotating backup schedule to ensure that we have a qualified professional available at a momentʼs notice.

Do you shoot anything else besides weddings? Of course! If you need some kind of other video then you can check out our sister company OddBox Studios.